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Get the smile of your dreams … Cosmetic dentistry is the area of the modern dental science that deals with improving the natural appearance of the teeth and restoring a beautiful and healthy smile. Its applications concern the improvement of the color, shape and layout of the teeth, as well as their replacement in the event of their loss. A youthful and healthy smile raises our psychology, enchants our interlocutor and remains forever unforgettable.

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Doctor Papasynnefakis

Born and raised with intense pictures and sounds of the time in the center of Thessaloniki, with an active participation in the sporting and artistic events of the city, I decided to follow the path of dentistry by personal choice.

My artistic concerns did not allow me to limit myself in the context of a very good dental degree from I.M.F. CLUJ but led me to the world of Cosmetic Dentistry at New York University of Cosmetic Dentistry where all my artistic trends (sculpture, music, painting, etc.) were applied.

I take part in many cosmetic dentistry seminars in Greece and abroad, more specifically seminars concerning theoretical and practical application of Laser in all areas of dentistry as well as in many of theoretical and practical application seminars in implantology.

As a member of the Greek Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (GACD), I actively participate in all its conferences and promote a patented method – technique of temporary restoration, with which I optimize the jaw closure, the health – hygiene of gums, the aesthetic result of smile design in order to achieve excellent aesthetic and functional results before the permanent result.

I collaborate with the most specialized dental laboratories of Athens and Thessaloniki as well as with leading colleagues, endodontists, maxillo-surgeons and periodontologists.

My love with smile design gave “NEWSMILE” as a fruit, in 2000, the first center of cosmetic dentistry in the center of Thessaloniki. My obsession has always been, and will always be a striking and aesthetically excellent and functional smile.

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