Yes, because our smile is our mirror, it is a means of expression and communication, it is a predominant element of our appearance in the social, professional and especially in our personal life. A nice smile fascinates our interlocutor, wins the impressions, remains forever unforgettable! This is exactly the subject of cosmetic dentistry…

Cosmetic dentistry is the most advanced area of ​​dentistry whose goal is to improve or optimize the physical appearance of teeth and restore for a nice and healthy smile, always in the context of a harmonic and natural function of the mouth.

In the smile design process, all the desired changes are planned step by step in the context of aesthetic rules governing the harmony between jaws, teeth, gums and lips in full analogy with the face image where the study casts are made and aesthetic diagnostic wax even for transition stages if necessary and so we can have a complete picture and shape of the final result in advance.

Sophisticated tooth whitening lasers, aesthetic diagnostic wax-up, specially computer-aided design (cad-cam) for hollywood teeth, bonding, porcelain laminates, all ceramic crowns, amalgam free restorations, porcelain inlays-onlays, implants, gum plastic surgery, give us a nice, healthy, youthful smile.

I would say that the ideal age is between 20 and 65 without this meaning that other ages are excluded. On the one hand, before the age of 20 we have no serious problems in our smile and on the other hand after the 55-60 there are substantial alterations in the teeth and jaws that make it harder for any aesthetic rehabilitation. Of course we would say that generally there are no age limits to remedy imperfections that disturb us in our smile.

Based on recent statistics, women at around 86% show a keen interest in aesthetic improvement in their smile. Among these, 55-60% are primarily interested in tooth whitening and then more resolutely ask for any feasible aesthetic surgery that could optimize their smile. The rest 40-45% asks, from the very first visit, a complete plan of complete aesthetic rehabilitation which will include many of the interventions mentioned above.

Usually, the smiles we see in the media are fake, unnatural, of intense white color, with asymmetrical teeth, disharmonious, big, united and unfortunately I cannot say that it is nice. Of course, if they are satisfied, then it’s fine for me… I remember a second-generation Greek resident in New York who was asking for gold restorations saying: “gold is the healthiest dental material” and “beauty is at the eye of the beholder”… You see aesthetics, although it is governed by specific rules of harmony, is still subjective for some people. That’s why I think the aesthetic result is perfect when the comments of friends and acquaintances are not “beautiful teeth”, but “what did you do and so did you?” At this point I would like to emphasize that even some wrinkles around the lips can be smoothed with proper aesthetic restoration!

Absolutely yes, because the concept is the same as in plastic surgery and the results are just as impressive.