Full mouth rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation in case of dental disease, accident, heredity, illness (diabetes mellitus), negligence or previous poor restoration.


  • Detailed recording of all patient’s mouth problems, both radiographically and clinically
  • Conventional or surgical treatment of gingivitis – parodontopathy accompanied by medication (antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, vitamins)
  • Tooth mobility test
  • Completion of required endodontic therapies and fillings.
  • Tooth removal with intense mobility
  • Restoration and optimization of occlusion (jaw joint) with temporary acrylic crowns or bridges with excellent morphology and anatomicity.
  • Study of panoramic and axial tomography
  • Placement of dental implants where they are deemed necessary
  • Aesthetic diagnostic wax-up (moke up) before the final construction and application of porcelain prosthetic restorations
  • Placing of zirconium porcelain or all-ceramic Emax dental and implants
  • Control and improvement of chewing functional aptitude, vocal function and aesthetic result

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