New Smile – New Face

At the NEW SMILE clinic we study, design and offer an irresistible smile and a beautiful, youthful face. Among the most popular and minimally invasive anti-aging treatments in aesthetic medicine are botox and hyaluronic acid.

Botox is a protein used in cosmetic dermatology to eliminate wrinkles of facial expression and gives spectacular results directly. Botox prevents and treats expression wrinkles, glabella lines on forehead, eye, and neck.
The effect of botox is to temporarily and locally inactivate the facial muscles. It reduces the motion of the small muscles that cause the expressions. These muscles, when they contract, create wrinkles and there comes botox to target. Wrinkles are soothed and of course we seek a natural result so that facial expressions are not lost.
Botox can be applied proactively to young people who make intense facial expressions and wrinkles have been formed but not fixed. In contrast to older people the effect is not as satisfactory as the skin has reduced elasticity. Botox should applied twice a year, every six months.

Hyaluronic acid is glycosaminoglycan, a natural component of our skin. H.A. treatment has an excellent effect on the filling of the lips and facial wrinkles as it retains water molecules and helps to better bond the collagen and elastin fibers. The expression wrinkles are extinguished and the skin remains vigorous and hydrated.
H.A. treatment is the solution for lip, mouth and cheek wrinkles as well as for increasing the volume of the lips and cheekbones. Its result lasts from 6 to 18 months after its application.

PDO face threads are actually surgical, absorbable sutures that have been used safely for several years in the medical field. These threads are inserted into the skin with a long, thin needle.
They are placed either vertically or horizontally on the points that need to be clamped in such a way as to create a mesh that will lift the skin in areas such as cheeks, neck, chin, neckline as well as around sensitive eye area.
Local anesthesia is required and the number of threads to be used is not predetermined, but depends on the area and nature of the problem. You can also tell your doctor how tight you want them in order to get the result that will perfectly satisfy you.
These threads are made of two substances, polylactic acid and polydioxanone (PDO). Over time these substances hydrolyze slowly over a period of 6-8 months and are fully absorbed by the surrounding tissue of the area. After removal of the needle from the point of application, growth factors are injected in the microscopic gap that has been created, which multiply the production of collagen, resulting in the skin being more youthful.
This treatment can be done at any time, since special preparation is not required for the placement of PDO face threads. Direct and effective wrinkle smoothing is achieved and the general appearance of the face is improved. At the end of the treatment you can go back to your daily life, as no recovery time is required.

Microneedling device causes hundreds of small nuggets on the skin resulting in dermabrasion, smoothing and skin rejuvenation. Mesotherapy is injection of a combination of nutritional substances. Individually or in combination, these techniques help to regenerate, reconstitute, tighten and rejuvenate skin.