Root Canal Therapy

Endodontic treatment (root canal) is a dental practice performed in the clinic to keep a tooth in the patient’s mouth and to prevent its loss by extraction. It can be a healing action in case a tooth injury has occurred and has led to pulpitis or pulp revelation and further infection that can even bring about gangrene or to be a suppressive energy due to the need a large degree of tooth brushing in order to be part of a prosthetic restoration (bridge).

Endodontic treatment is the solution in cases of extensive destruction of the crown of the tooth by extensive decay that has reached its pulp. The treatment is either done in one session, when the pulp is not infected, or more until asepsis is achieved. It includes removing the pulp and replacing it with a suitable occlusive material. In case of a small tooth where contamination is restricted to crown only, pulpotomy procedure may be applied, that is a more conservative treatment which allows the maintenance of pulp and requires relative monitoring.